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We Run Fun, Avocado-Themed Team Building Activities 🥑

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Fun, Collaborative Team Building With a Side of Guac

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World Class Facilitators

Our main team building activity is a guacamole making competition! It is fun, fast paced and there will definitely be tears... but they will be tears of joy.

TGGO™ facilitators are 100% dedicated to making sure your team has a great time.

Guac Off team member faciltiating a team building activity.
Group of employees making guacamole together as a fun team bonding activity.

Fun For Everyone

You will compete with your colleagues to make the best guac, but there's a team building twist. We add in games like Triviacado to ramp up the fun, collaboration and competition.

Food Included

Your competition includes all of the guac ingredients and dippers. At the end of your event, we crown a team of guac-champions and then switch to free-for-all mode where attendees can chat and enjoy each other's guac creations.

Happy staff posing together at the end of a corporate event.

"Probably the best guacamole-themed team building activity in the world." - Abraham Lincoln, 2018

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