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What the H*ck is The Great Guac Off?

The Great Guac Off™ (TGGO) is a guacamole themed party that includes amazing facts and stories about avocados, cool trivia, mini-games and culminates in a guacamole making competition.

Ever seen Iron Chef? The Amazing Race? Well, they had a super fun baby and we call her Guac Off.

TGGO is built from the ground up to be a fun, unique company team building activity, and has all the key ingredients for maximum bonding: friendly competition, cutthroat collaboration, optional booze and plenty of avocados. Plus games and activities specifically designed to improve communication, job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We can hold the Guac Off at your location of choice. Standard events are 90 minutes. TGGO is a perfect activity to recharge part-way through or after a long day of meetings or training.

Example Event Itinerary

Warm Up Games & Icebreakers5 minutes
Avocado Trivia & Mini Challenges20 minutes
The Great Guac Off™45 minutes
Judging, Tasting, More Tasting, and Tasting10 minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up10 minutes
Total1.5 hours

Client Review: “It was AMAZING”

“It was AMAZING. Everyone had a great time. Bryce and team were wonderful.

It was more engaging then I thought it was going to be and everyone LOVED it. Lots of other teams asked what we were doing and who we used for this so hopefully, we stirred up some business for you.

Thanks for everything and being super flexible this whole time!” – Katie F., HelloFresh

About Our Avocado Lovin’ Company

Just like avocado toast we are a high functioning collaboration — of skilled people, most of who love guacamole and only one who is allergic to avocados.

Our mission is to unite the work force, to build strong bonds between team members with great communication skills, a positive attitude and mutual trust; all starting from a universal love of guacamole.

We are based in NYC, AKA “the Big Avocado”, and love working with other smart, innovative companies.

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