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Here’s how it works…

We love avocados + we love team building, so we run fun corporate team building activities in Atlanta, Georgia based on a guacamole making competition! The result of our love of avocados and team building is The Great Guac Off, which is the right recipe of fun, collaboration, and competition to help your coworkers develop better relationships.

Fun team activities.

You may be wondering what a corporate event based on guacamole looks like. We’ll kick things off by dividing your team into small squads of no more than six people. Within these squads, your coworkers will work to nominate people to various positions, like cheerleaders and shade throwers. Then the competition is underway! Your squads must collaborate to create the best guacamole recipe in the office, complete with a secret ingredient mystery box. Here’s the twist: fun games and mini-challenges are sprinkled throughout your event to boost team building opportunities. Your squads will compete in activities like avocado trivia and Punacado to earn points. Once the points are tallied and the guac recipes are judged, an office guacamole champion is crowned. Prizes are awarded and chips and guac are eaten! All of this fits within our standard 90-minute corporate event, but more (or less) time can be accommodated.

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We’ve hit on what we think is the perfect itinerary for a corporate team building event with our 90-minute standard event package, but if you have lofty goals for your team bonding time or if you’ve got a group that could use more mingling time, we have a variety of add-ons to help you plan custom team building activities in Atlanta. Our standard corporate events package includes a great facilitator, supplies, ingredients, mini activities, and 90 minutes of fun; add-ons available include burrito catering, BYOB, more time, more team building activities, swag bags, custom trophies, and more.

We can host your Guac Off anywhere you’d like in Atlanta, from your office to our rental locations to a cool venue in the area that doesn’t mind us running a high-energy competition on site.

"I was never hesitant about the event or doubted it would be a good time but it sure surpassed my expectations. It was a great social, team building time and left room for the competitiveness the team loves."

- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Monica V., Twilio

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