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Here’s how it works…

We run fun corporate team building activities in Baltimore, Maryland. The main event is a surprisingly competitive guacamole making competition we call “The Great Guac Off”. These team building events are smart, fun, unusual, challenging, and a perfect mix of collaboration and competition.

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To start, we split your team into smaller squads of four to six people for the competition. Next teams assign roles like cheerleaders and shade throwers, and develop a unique recipe with special ingredients. However, Guac Off team building events are more than just smashing delicious avocados. Your team will compete to win big-points in fun challenges like avocado-themed trivia, Happy Cup, and Punacado. To wrap up the experience, we name one of the teams Champion Guac Makers, and finish the guacamole and chips. If you like, we can add additional time with more games and team activities.

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The Great Guac Off includes the essentials for successful team building events. Your experience comes with a fun and energetic host, delicious guac and dippers, cool prizes, and team photos. You can customize your corporate events with add-on items like burrito catering and BYOB. The standard time for Guac Off to run is 90 minutes, which you can increase or decrease to fit your team’s schedule. We can run these team events anywhere in Baltimore, including at your organization’s office or one of our nearby rental locations.

"I was never hesitant about the event or doubted it would be a good time but it sure surpassed my expectations. It was a great social, team building time and left room for the competitiveness the team loves."

- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Monica V., Twilio

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