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Here’s how it works…

We run wildly fun corporate team building activities in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our main company event is based on a high-energy, quick-moving guacamole competition, aka “The Great Guac Off”. Small mini activities round out the full event. These team building activities offer the ideal blend of competition, communication, and collaboration; plus, they’re a really fun way to help your coworkers come together, bond, and develop deeper connections.

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When we’re running The Great Guac Off as a corporate event, we’ll start by dividing your team into smaller groups (each capped at six per squad), which helps foster better relationships. This is also how we infuse your team event with friendly competition, which we find an essential component of effective company team building activities. Within their squads, your team members will elect people to various roles, like shade throwers, cheerleaders, and guac mixer, before creating a signature guacamole dish with the help of a mystery ingredient box. 

You might be thinking this sounds like a party to mash avocados, but it’s so much more than that. Your squads are tasked with competing to win top culinary cuisine points, themed prizes, and mini-challenges. These games are played alongside the guac-making competition, which adds an extra layer of team bonding. Sample games include avocado-themed trivia and our signature Pun-acado. Once the festivities are complete, we’ll award points, crown a winner, pass out killer prizes, send you home with team pictures, and nosh on the awesome guac and chips. If our standard 90-minute corporate event doesn’t seem like enough team bonding time for your group, we can add extra time with more team building activities to maximize your time away from your desk.

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Our standard corporate events package comes with all the key elements that make up the best team building activities in Indianapolis. We’ll bring a fun host who will mesh well with your group, supplies, avocados, dippers, chips, fun prizes, and more. We also offer the option for custom corporate events with add-ons like snacks, burrito catering, BYOB, and take-home bags for your guests. Every typical event runs for an hour and a half, but you can increase or decrease this depending on your team building needs.

We can run Guac Off team events just about anywhere in Indianapolis, whether that’s at your office, at our partner locations, or at a fun Indy venue of your choice that’s cool with us coming in.

"I was never hesitant about the event or doubted it would be a good time but it sure surpassed my expectations. It was a great social, team building time and left room for the competitiveness the team loves."

- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Monica V., Twilio

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